Kurt Elster

A Magic Email For Quickly Getting a Response From People Who Are Ignoring You

The Magic Email is simple, and you can use it today to stop being ignored, and start getting replies.

Philip Morgan

Quit or Back Out of a Regular Commitment You’re Not Getting Value From Anymore

When you start feeling overworked sometimes the best solution is to reduce your number of commmitments.

Philip Morgan

Value-Based Fees Proposal Template

This is a great template for delivering a proposal based on the value to the client, not on your costs.

Kai Davis

An Email Template For Asking Sites to Update Inbound Links to Your Site For Better SEO or After a Domain Migration

Sometimes you just need to start with a fresh site. There's no reason to lose all your hard-won SEO juice in the process.

Philip Morgan

One Way a Freelancer or Consultant Can Let Go of or Fire a Client That’s Not Working Out Any More

Sometimes you just have to let go of a client for one reason or another. Here's a handly template for getting the message across.